A Gift from Mary

This meditation occurred to me while praying the Rosary in front of the Blessed Sacrament on Saturday, May 23, 2015. I immediately scribbled down in my journal all that I could remember from the experience. The writing is short, informal, and plain, but it was a moment of profound prayer as Mary, Our Mother, communicated an intimate message to me about my life and my vocation. The symbolism in it is rich and holds such deep meaning for me, but I will allow you the freedom to prayerfully ponder it for yourself without my commentary. Perhaps Our Mother can speak to you through it as well.

The third Joyful Mystery, the Nativity of Jesus.

As I open my eyes, I look up and see Mary standing in the cave, holding Jesus so joyfully in her arms, looking at him with a mother’s love. I can’t help but smile along with her while she gazes on our infant Lord.

I am on my knees before them, feeling unworthy and baggage-laden, but full of love for them both. In my hands I hold a heavy sack. Suddenly, Mary turns her head and looks me in the eyes with the same loving gaze she has for Jesus. She stretches out her hand, smiling, asking me to give her my heavy burden in exchange for Jesus. I hand her my heavy sack, and she gently places baby Jesus in my arms.

I gaze into my Savior’s eyes, which lock onto mine as he smiles a baby’s smile. These tiny eyes look into the depths of my soul. He knows everything about me. He sees every scar and open wound. He also sees my great love and longing for him. Still he smiles.

While I was lost in the gaze of baby Jesus, Mary opened my sack, shook it out, and turned it into a radiant chasuble for a priest. While still holding baby Jesus, I glance up to her as she covers me in the vestment—a gift from her to me—a priest for all eternity.

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