Are We Listening?

“The disciples approached him and said, ‘Why do you speak to them in parables?'” -Mt. 13:10

Jesus speaks to us in many different, often unexpected ways. During His time on earth, one way He did so was through parables–stories about everyday things which the people were familiar with. We often think that God will speak to us in grandiose, powerful ways that will be loud and obvious. (At least, we wish He would.) But He speaks to us through the situations, people, and experiences of our everyday lives. Are we attentive to Him in these things? Do we recognize His still, small voice as we go through our days? Let’s always be open to however God wants to teach us, speak to us, and direct our paths. Lord, give us eyes of faith, attentive ears, and open hearts to recognize and respond to Your presence every day. +

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