Who is Your LORD?

“I say to you, something greater than the temple is here. If you knew what this meant, ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice,’ you would not have condemned these innocent men. For the Son of Man is Lord of the sabbath.” -Mt. 12:6-8

Jesus made it clear that HE is in charge–not us. We are usually better at accepting Jesus as our Savior than accepting Him as our Lord. The dictionary definition of “Lord” is: “a ruler by hereditary right or preeminence to whom service and obedience are due.” As Christians, we must have Jesus as the Lord of our lives. This means that whenever our beliefs, preferences, opinions, and personal dogmas conflict with those of Jesus, we must surrender them to Him. If we haven’t made Him Lord of everything, we haven’t made Him Lord of anything. Let’s examine our lives and find those areas that we still need to surrender to Him. Jesus, grant us the grace to make You our ALL, so that no place in our hearts will be untouched by Your presence. +

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